Sunset in Brasov


Sunset in Braşov

by Eliot Michl


Sunset in Braşov

How do you know you’re a
lucky girl? When you

haven’t been assaulted more

times than you can handle.
When there’s honey for your

coffee. And there’s cake.
When you’ve been caught on 

Film smiling. When you’ve loved

someone so thoroughly
that your coffee sits and

gets cold, and you smile
in a picture even when the

world is crumbling around

you, and you stand on top 

of the rubble. Not the bottom, 
but a foundation. And you close

your eyes and bask bare-

chested in the sunshine. And
maybe it’s the last time, 

but maybe it never stopped
being the first time. And when 

You kiss them. And you

kiss them. Never stop kissing
them. Soak in the last moments

of heat. Touch the warmth on

their face. Memorize their skin. 
In this one moment, 

you are lucky.



“Sunset in Brasov” by Eliot Michl. © Eliot Michl, 2018.