Audio Experiences

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Audio Experiences

by Eliot Michl

'Lost Sock Collection' includes the following poems – 'Mamas and the Papas,' 'Don't Tell Me I'm Beautiful,' 'About Last Night,' 'Return of the Unchartable Soul,” 'School of Life,' and 'Stars Through Coniferous Branches.” The poems are knitted together with a song by Jahzzar entitled 'Fibonacci.'

The other sounds in the piece I've collected during my travels: bumblebees in Missouri; waves crashing in Budva, Montenegro; a girl splashing in a shallow pool; hiking in Romania; the Prague Symphony warming up; my father's favorite record. The highlight of the background audio—and from where the piece derives its name—is from a live performance art piece I performed in Malaysia entitled, 'Lost Sock.' For behind the scenes from Michl, please visit