Filmmaker and poet Eliot Michl grew up in Northwest Missouri spending many afternoons wandering the wooded forests and river banks near her log-cabin home.

In 2017, Michl directed her first poetry film, Don’t Tell Me I’m Beautiful, which first screened in the US at the 2018 Seattle Arts in Nature festival. The film was chosen as an Official Selection of the 2018 Juteback Poetry Film Festival. The film was chosen again as an Official Selection of the 2019 All Together Now Festival of Fine Art and Short Film in Detroit, Michigan. The film was named an Official Selection at the Newlyn International Film Festival in Cornwall, England. The film was then selected to be screened in Findlay University's new multimedia wing. Most recently the film was named an Official Selection at the Lincoln Short Film Festival in collaboration with the Cube Art Project.

Michl’s second release, the micro-film School of Life was named an Official Selection at the 2018 Miniature Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada.

Her film, Lost Sock Collection was named an Official Selection at the 2019 Manchester International Film Festival in Manchester, England, where Michl was asked to speak on a panel at Filmmaker’s Studio LIVE. The film was again named an Official Selection at the SHORT to the Point Film Festival in Bucharest, Romania. The film received an Award of Distinction from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Artists for Artistic Direction.

Michl’s latest film release Return of the Unchartable Soul was named a Semi-Finalist at the Cadence Video Poetry Festival. The film was screened at the Cascadia Poetry Festival in Washington. Most recently, the poetry film was selected to be printed as a poem with film stills in the University of Kent’s literary magazine The Menteur and screen at the Paris School of Art and Culture this summer in Paris, France.

Michl travels widely, writing and performing her hand-written works, creating poetry films, and championing the lost art of epistolary communication as the featured poet of the Epistolary Club.

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